Hi there, I am Mirabel! I am a journalist turned social entrepreneur turned psychotherapist (on the path to pursuing my licensure).

Who Am I

I'm Mirabel, and I am a Chinese-Canadian currently living in New York City. On my website, I write about the intersection of emotional and existential topics and share sociocultural learnings.

Growing up as a cross-culture individual, I lived across three continents and cultures: China, Europe and Canada. Being exposed to diversity at a young age, I have always imagined my life to be full of adventures and a diverse array of experiences, so in my early 20s, I tried many roles looking for my passions, fortes and weaknesses. I pursued radio, TV and print journalism to seek truths and break injustices; I taught children to educate youth and drive awareness; I worked at a Chinese digital company as a global business manager. Through each experience, I learned

Many of my childhood memories were characterized by changes and movements. Constantly on the go and switching mindsets to be adaptable, I made friends with culture shock and became fascinated with human diversity – in race, language, religion, culture, etc. I was fascinated by the way people behaved differently due to their cultural and religious backgrounds, socioeconomic status, value systems, and others. I cultivated a superpower of empathy.


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